Apple and the copycat problem?



After the release of the I phone X, many Chinese companies have been known to copy its features to their new product releases and blatantly at that(Asus has even admitted to doing so at an event).

The boldest copycat so far can be said to Be Xiaomi with its release of the Xiaomi Mi 8. It is similar to The iPhone x in many specifications. This isn’t the first and certainly doesn’t look to be the last time such seeming intellectual theft will occur.

Why then has Apple been silent and we haven’t seen them releasing their Lawyers blazing, to war in court? A question with different answers.

To be brief, Reasons include, but aren’t limited to:
A) 🍏🔥Some companies like Xiaomi have little influence outside China. Being a Global brand, Apple isn’t really bothered by companies who are “local champions”. Eyebrows will be raised though, when such companies start to enter into the U.S/Europe market(s).

B) Some of these companies have the backing of the Chinese government who have been known to stifle the smooth operations of foreign companies in favour of local ones. ( Google can bear witness)

C) Apple has made patent exchange agreements with companies such as Huawei and ZTE who possess patents Apple needs and vice versa. The agreement lets the parties use the other’s patents without paying fees.

D)⚖❌(Related to B👆🏾) They likely won’t get a fair trial. As previously mentioned, The Chinese government would always favour local businesses over international ones, this Apple knows too well as the Chinese government has closed down several of its stores to reduce the availability of their products. Foreign companies will almost never win.

E) 💸💸💸🔥🔥🔥Such cases could involve tens to hundreds of millions which Apple would rather invest with.

In short, suing a Chinese company is too gruelling a task!


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