Extended Reality Technology; Sit in and Stay out

Extended Reality Technology; Sit in and Stay out

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Extended reality is an advanced technological development which was introduced by Paul Milgram. The basic concept of this technology is to enable people to experience the physical and virtual environment through immersion rather than observation. That is, through technology people are immersed into a world which they are in actual fact absent from. Extended reality technology is quite advanced and is gaining grounds in aspects such as real estate, entertainment, marketing, etc. This technology brings to life the reality of the whole world being one small whole and through the power of digital technology, there is the possibility of meeting up with appointments around the world from the comfort of your home.

In the light of modern day reality, and at such a time as this when almost the whole world is on an automatic shut down due to the Corona virus pandemic, it would be impossible for one took away from the goodness of extended reality technology. While its inculcation may prove to be a strain on the budget of any nation (Nigeria especially), the benefits and interests definitely outweigh whatever cost may be incurred.

Let’s take our educational system for example; one thing is it’s a great medium for all students who get to sit at home to still get the feel of school and be immersed in just the right environment for learning from the comfort of home. Imagine being connected with all your buddies from school and learning like all is fine with the world around you, with no fear whatsoever that the person right next to you may sneeze the next moment. Now that’s something the government of any nation ought to give a thought to; immersed class sessions!

Moving on, though the global market for extended reality technology is still in its infant stage, ER technology is like the future on your finger tips. Teleporting and transacting around the world from the comfort of your home. This technology development holds a promising future for businesses most especially real estate, as a prospective buyer need not be present to examine property but can do so with ease and from the comfort of wherever they are around the world. Though the initial implementation costs may be huge, its foreseeable benefits are tremendous and it very well yields faster and timely productivity.

In conclusion, extended reality technology promises the world a future where all can truly be one; fit together in a tiny globe of technology; and at such times as we are in, it would not hurt for top world investors to give it a trial.

Author: Sandra Attoh

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