Five things you should consider when selecting a logo

Five things you should consider when selecting a logo

Asides business names, logos are one distinguishing elements or symbols for brands and businesses. For instance, the three bars and trefoil logo simply point to “Adidas” and the swoosh screams “Nike” anywhere. The bitten Apple indicates an “Apple” product and five connected rings simply says “Olympics”.

Now imagine seeing a footwear with two black stripes, and thinking it is an Adidas product you end up paying the standard price and get home to realize it is not an Adidas footwear. This simply depicts that logos personalize brands and thus needs intellectual property protection to prevent customers from being misled by similar and non-distinctive logos. This protection comes in form of “Trademarks” and in fact a trademark infringement suit can be quite messy and cost you a lot of money.

Here are five tips you should consider before selecting that logo for your company and brand.

Search thoroughly
  1. Carry out an extensive trademark search – Trademarked logos are usually registered and it is wise to check around if any similar logo is in use or can be confused with yours.
  2. Create an original work – The basic rule is “don’t copy”. Rather than copying an online design, it is safer to create and design your own logo from scratch.
  3. Get ownership from the designer – If you employ a logo creating company or designer to create your brand logo, be aware that there are legalities involved. State clearly in your agreement that the designer does not have the right to reuse the logo or promote it for their personal gain and ensure you purchase full ownership to it.
  4. Register your logo – Trademarking your logo gives you an edge over any subsequent similar symbol. But note that Trademark is geographical and you may have to register in multiple companies based on how large your brand is.
  5. Non-descriptive and distinctive – This is a requirement to register a trademark and ultimately applies to selecting logos.

Finally, we advise consulting an Intellectual property lawyer to help you register your logos and trademarks.

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