In other to ensure we cover all aspects of Intellectual property and ensure our members are well diversified in all areas of IP the club will be divided into the following sections and it is open to all active members of the club.

1. Sports & Media IP Section.   

 In every Sporting & Media scene, inventors and creators are working behind the scenes to push the boundaries, as IP lies at the heart of the huge Sporting & Media industry. As IP here acts as legal protection to help secure the economic value of sports and media, this section would focus on IP as the key driver of the sporting and media world.

2. Entertainment & Fashion IP Section.     

The protection, enforcement & enhancement of the values of creative works, ideas, names, logos, technology & other innovations in the entertainment & Fashion industry is backed up by IP. The Entertainment & Fashion IP Section would focus on these to help promote an understanding of the nexus between this industry and intellectual property.

3. Medical & Health IP Section   

 Global innovations in health such as manufacturing and development of vaccines have shown the importance of IP in the Medical & Health industry. Bridging the gap between IP & the ethical, moral & philosophical issues involved in the Medical industry, this section would focus on issues which influence the Medical world in line with IP.

4. Technology & Telecommunications IP Section    

 The development & utilisation of tangible & intangible assets in the technological & Telecommunications sector generally has IP at its core. IP is important here as the effective use of technology is a key part of any businesses success. This section would focus on the role IP plays in the growth of the technology and telecommunication industry.

5. Commercial & Industrial IP Section      

Modern day commercial & Industrial activities have been fused with intricate intellectual property issues. In line with segments embedded in this sector such as franchising, licensing, agreements & others, the Commercial & Industrial IP Section would focus on the relationship between intellectual property and both the Commercial and industrial world.

6. ADR & IP Litigation Section     

Continuing growth in International transactions has multiplied the potential for cross-border IP disputes. Besides this, IP can also be affiliated with ADR, the sorted after neutral mechanism allowing parties to solve their disputes outside a court in a private form. With some benefits being its cost efficiency, flexibility, party control & also confidentiality, this section looks into the importance of IP in this growing field.