IPTLC features a Student Musician Brand.

An interesting interview with Temilorun Felix komolafe, popularly known as Teedeevee; a passionate Afro Musician. He is a penultimate student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. He talks about his long love for afro music and his desire to “be a great Afro icon. With my major goal of bringing Afropop to the part of the world where it doesn’t exist”.  He alongside talks about how his IP rights has been infringed upon when his original beats was used by some other artist and he couldn’t do anything about it at that time.

  • Hello, thank you for agreeing to have this interview.  Please introduce yourself, any popular nicknames?

Teedeevee: I am Temilorun Felix komolafe. Everyone calls me Teedeevee, but sometimes I hear people call me the hit maker.

  • Hit maker. Hmm, I must say, you’ve been doing quite well. You are a musician yeah? What genre of music are you particular about and what is your general content?

     Teedeevee: I do Afro pop. Generally my music speaks LOVE AND LIFE. I always try to pass messages of love and life with my afro sound style and always at same time make people vibe and dance despite passing messages

  • Content + tunes. When did this love for music start? Plus when did you start taking it serious, hitting the studio and all of that

Teedeevee:  I started music and loving it when I was in secondary school. Those were days of beating tables as drums and singing the hook while my other guys in class do the rap. I started hitting the studio in 2014. I released my first ever track on February 25th 2014. Since then I never looked back. Taking it serious every year, pushed till people started falling in love with my sound. Though all these stuffs were hard, so hard to be frank*makes a face* because I had no backbone except GOD and my stubbornness and drive. Consistency every year….

  • That sounds amazing. How has the journey being so far?

     Teedeevee: Hummm. The amazing and terrific thing about the journey is that every year always look different, as in big big things every year, massive improvements every year and these are the things that always make me know and be sure that light is at the end of the tunnel

On the other hand, the journey is filled with challenges mad ones; .no connection, no money… You go find it almost impossible to blow (make it) in this field.  It is only those dah strive hard and do not listen to words of discouragement, those that are very stubborn at wanting to achieve what they had planned to achieve. It is going to be hard for them not to make it one day one day

  • Good things do not come easy; it’ll be worth it at the end! In the midst of all these, what is the big picture?

Teedeevee: The big picture ehnnn …I see it every day of my life…every time I wake and before I go to bed. I’m going be a great Afro icon. With my major goal of bringing Afropop to the part of the world where it doesn’t exist…

  • That is beautiful. One question for you, do you know about Intellectual Property (IP)? In addition, if yes, what do you know about it?

Teedeevee: Yeah I think I know a little bit about it…They deal with copyright issues, right?

  • Yes that’s part of it.
  • Has your IP right ever being infringed upon? In common parlance, has anybody ever “Stolen a line from any of your song? Your beats?” if yes, please share your experience and how did you feel. If No, how would you feel then?

Teedeevee: I have not heard or experienced any but I’ve got one of my fans called me and reported some issues relating to that to me my beat was used in a school some years back though. I am talking about around 4yrs back now. Then I was surprised, not so angry but felt some way bad about it.

  • What did you do about it?

Teedeevee:  Nothing. I had no power at all then. I was just coming up, so I just left it like that. You know as time goes, you grow So I’m grown now and still growing

  • Growth is good. It is the goal. Let’s go to your kind of music, afro , what inspires you to sing the kind of music that you do? Any role model in the industry that inspires?

 Teedeevee:  Hummm…it took some time before I could find my style and    create my tone. I initially started writing raps before I started music professionally but I immediately saw dah I would not thrive if I do rap,  I sharply shifted to singing. I did my first track and it didn’t really sound well, I was criticised heavily. As time went on, I became accustomed to a particular style which I use now, so I carved some sort of niche for my myself and my sound. As for the inspiration, most times I get inspired to write these kinds of songs anytime I’m in some deep thoughts, it could also be when I’m dejected, too happy or sad

  • Emotions are an inspiration

Teedeevee:  I always tell people , my greatest motivation is my greatest challenge…MY MUM…she motivates me indirectly and she’s also my challenge because she doesn’t believe in pursuing two careers at same time. She quarrels with me always that, NO you can’t do music and law at same time. Yet she prays for me anytime I’m about to climb the stage.

 So, I only look up to God, mum and ma DRIVE

  • That is good. So, Give us an exclusive, one fun fact about you that no one knows.

Teedeevee:  Let me think deep oh because  I’m almost a public person so most people know a lot about me. OK, let me tell you this I don’t drink nor smoke, Ah no like woman ah dey straight forward

  • To wrap this up, doing the kind of thing you do, and I must commend, you are doing a great job; you must definitely need to know basics of Intellectual Property. You would not want to have come up with a hit song and have it snatched from you with no backing from the law.

My advice to you, keep IPTLC very close to your brand. You’re doing a great job. Well-done!  You are going places

Thank you for agreeing to do this

Teedeevee: Thank you for having me.

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