IPTLC with TopsArt

It is the the second edition of the student brand. The first one with HD-Hyphi Designs was great.
This is even more amazing. Students aren’t lazy yeah, so much creativity in the Nigerian Youth.

We would be looking at another creative student’s brand and trust me this will blow your mind.

From me to you, pay particular attention to the detailed drawings attached to this one. Its simply amazing!

Sharon Tops

My name is Sharon-Tops Olukoju.
I’m an artist with the name TopsArt.

I’m involved in drawing portraits with great dexterity.

Drawing for me has always been a hobby, right from the time I was little. I used to see cartoons I like, try to imitate them and discovered I could do that well and I actually enjoyed it. So I started drawing portraits and found that I enjoyed that even more. Since then (that was about two years ago), I began to take it seriously and it is now a source of income for me as a student, and I would say it has been an interesting experience. I however plan to delve into digital painting in the future and I’m working towards that already.

One of Sharon’s favourite design.

Drawing comes naturally to me, I’d say it’s more of a hobby that built into something that can bring income.

My work remains as distinct and different from other artists because of so many factors. So I’m not scared the threat of IP infringement comes since I know the law. Thankfully though, that hasn’t happened yet🤗.

In the nearest future, I hope to be an established digital artist with a blooming business.

5 thoughts on “IPTLC with TopsArt”

  1. It’s amazing how things that started out as “just something I like doing” can turn into something greater than we could have ever thought. Stellar job, TopsArt. Keep getting better.

  2. Baby girl this is beautiful… I’m excited you’re putting it out on this platform
    Keep doing what you do love. It’s going to pay off jig time in the nearest future.
    I’m cheering 📣 for you… Go Tops go!!! 😍😘

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